May 10 - 10am Drive-in Service, also accessible by Zoom

CREC Family,

This Lord’s Day, May 10, at 10am, we will be conducting a “drive-in” service outside Ken & Jana Trovato’s home (741 Old Herald Harbor Dr., Crownsville, MD, 21032), which we will also be streaming via Zoom for those unable to attend. We hope that this will be a blessing to you, but please feel free to stay at home and join in over Zoom if this is best for you and your household!

The drive-in service will take place in accordance with the interpretive guidance of the Governor’s Office of Legal Counsel, which specifies that you may leave your homes to travel to and from the service, but that you must remain in your vehicle at all times. (This means that if the need arises to use the restroom, you will need to return home.)

The service will last approximately one hour. To hear the service you may join the Zoom meeting to listen using your mobile devices. There will be a speaker for those that don’t have this ability and you may have to roll down your windows in your car to hear. The Bose audio speaker is backup only and is not the preferred way to hear the service. Please print out copies of the attached Order of Worship for use in your vehicle.

Because we will be gathering together for worship, those who attend by car will be invited to share the Lord’s Supper, though in an unusual way. While we are not permitted to physically interact and hand the bread and wine into each vehicle, the elements (bread, wine, grape juice, and cups) will be prepared in a sanitary and hygienic manner, and placed in a zip-lock bag on a table as you enter the property. The driver will be able to reach out of the car window and pick up their bag with their family name. Please RSVP to Jana Trovato by Saturday noon so we can prepare the Communion Bag for your family. After the sermon, please prepare and distribute the elements within your vehicle as appropriate, and we will partake together as we are led by Pastor Bowen.

Once the service is completed we ask that you promptly depart in an orderly way and request that no one gets out of their cars.

For those that attend we look forward to seeing you and celebrating the Lord’s Supper together.

RSVP to Jana Trovato by Saturday noon.
Stay in your vehicle!
Bring printed copies of the Order of Worship.
Pick up Communion elements from the table as you arrive.
NO bathroom facilities available.

The liturgy is available by email and on the Church Facebook page, and below you will find the link to join the Zoom Meeting (copy and paste the link below and follow the prompts).

Join Zoom Meeting:

We look forward to worshiping with you, and trust that God will be pleased. Any questions please call us.

Thank you,

The Consistory of CREC Annapolis

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